About Us

we consider our team the Best in the west as medicare experts!

Our History


Beginning in 2005, Julian & Tracy left their corporate jobs to pursue their passion in Medicare. They joined forces and created their company, Senior Med Benefits. Since 2005, they have expanded into twelve states. With over 50 agents and 10,000 clients, there’s nothing stopping this team from providing you with all your medicare needs.

We understand that navigating the Medicare program and choosing a plan can be a daunting and overwhelming process.

We are a group of Independent Agents that specialize in Medicare programs and have seen many changes over the years. As your agents, we will be a dedicated contact in your community to help guide you through choosing a plan, evaluating your plan each year, and helping your friends and family when they need guidance on a Medicare plan also. SMB makes Medicare Easy!

Why Choose Us

At Senior Med Benefits, our team of qualified, licensed Agents make Medicare easy!

help you see, compare, and choose the right Medicare plan

Provide tools and resources

Promote health and savings

Since 2005

Licensed & INsured

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